FAQs of Joining Delta Tau Delta

"Why should my son join a fraternity?"
               --> The "Fraternity GPA" beats that of "Non-Fraternity GPA".
               --> Fraternities offer scholastic resources to their members to help
                   students succeed in their academic work.
               --> Leadership skills are taught and leadership positions are 
                   offered. This opens the door to opportunities after college.
               --> Fraternities push their members to get involved, not only within
                   the house, but also on campus through organizations and 
               --> Relations are strengthened and career opportunities appear
                   through fraternity brothers and alumni relationships.

"Why should my son choose Delta Tau Delta over another fraternity?"
               --> Delta Tau Delta has placed first in grades among the nine
                   fraternities on campus five of the last six semesters.
               --> Delta Tau Delta offers multiple scholarships to their members, 
                   most of which are even non-competitive.
               --> The real reason for joining a fraternity: brotherhood. By joining 
                   Delta Tau Delta, college students form relationships with some 
                   of the best friends they'll ever know.
         Campus Involvement
               --> Delts are involved in over 20 organizations, which is something 
                   we are proud of and encourage. We believe that there is more 
                   to college than just going to class and getting good grades; 
                   being involved really takes you to the next level.
               --> Recently, Delta Tau Delta has seen multiple renovations, which
                   shows our commitment to bettering the atmosphere we provide.
               --> Delta Tau Delta is also a less expensive option. In fact, we
                   provide a cheaper option than dorms, apartments, and houses.
                   Not to mention, by living in Delt, you are undoubtedly going 
                   to make stronger bonds with your brothers.
               --> Delta Tau Delta raises over $5,000 a year in philanthropy work,
                   which allows us to connect with the community on a deeper 
               --> Delta Tau Delta partners with JDRF as its national philanthropy 
                  and help bring awareness for a cure of Type 1 Diabetes.
               --> While academics are the most important aspect of college and
                   Delta Tau Delta, they are not the memories that will stick with
                   you forever. Through the social aspect, you will build life-long

"How much will it cost for my son to be part of Delta Tau Delta?"
                --> Pledging Semester: $150
                --> Living in the House: $2,720 per semester
                --> Living out of the House: $550 per semester

"Does my son have to live in the house after his freshmen year?"
            While living in the house is strongly encouraged, as it will provide
            the best experience over the years in Delta Tau Delta, it is not
            mandatory. Members do have the option to get their own place if
            they feel the need.

"What is Delta Tau Delta's policy regarding hazing?"
            Delta Tau Delta's policy on hazing is that it is absolutely forbidden.
            While hazing has been a stereotype associated with fraternity life, 
            it is not one associated with Delta Tau Delta. Delta Tau Delta
            National strictly forbids it in their Constitution.

"What is Delta Tau Delta's stand on the social aspect?"
            To show our member the severity of the consequences of alcohol,
            every member is required to complete the "DTAA", which stand for
            "Delt's Talking About Alcohol". This, given through Delta Tau Delta
            National, shows our members why being responsible and making
            the right decisions is important.

"How can I be sure that my son is staying safe?"
             To ensure the safety of all of our members, we provide both
             Designated Drivers and House Monitors every Friday and Saturday
             night. Through this, we make sure that while the house remains as
             safe as it can be, it also keeps our members safe, as well as the
             community by taking a strong stand against drinking and driving.