Delta Tau Delta Values


Truth is fundamental to any organization, but truth is particularly critical to Delta Tau Delta because honest relationships are mandatory for Brotherhood. Telling the truth to yourself and others is fundamental to your commitment to a life of personal and professional excellence.


Courage means aggressively taking on challenges and being a leader in the face of adversity. It means caring for the lives of the people around you and understanding that something saying, "No" is a necessary act of responsibility and love for your Brothers and the Fraternity as a whole.


Faith is a belief in yourself that what you are doing is right. Whether your faith comes from yourself, your parents or you God is up to you. Faith also means being loyal and trusting among people. It means knowing that people will make correct choices and decisions provided they have the necessary information and they understand the consequences of their actions.


Power is the inherent ability and talents of each member as valuable resources. These qualities and talents give Delta Tau Delta the power and energy to continue looking and moving toward a grand future.